Angolosítás English-Patch

Ascent: Infinite Realm English patch – English language download

English patch version: v0.8 Last Update: 2019/05/07 Developer: MuxaHuk Status: WORKING

*Create back up this files:
<Game folder>\AIR\S1Game\S1Data\DataCenter_Final64_TH.dat  <Game folder>\AIR\local.db
1. Download the patcher.exe.
2. Start AIR launcher and login and update the client if needed.
3. Start the english patcher and click on “english”.
4. Start the game through launcher.
5. If you are done playing, make sure the “restore original on close” is marked on patcher and close the air game and launcher first and then the english patcher
English patch is automatically updated software. you can always update your latest version, only run software.

A:IR english patch download / Angolosítás letöltése: 


    • Dear özgür! Run english patch software administrator mode,remove the small tick from below. Its fresh version and working v16 game client.

  1. I’m a player from China.
    I have a lot of like-minded players playing A: IR.
    But suffering from no Chinese culture patch
    Can I join the Chinese culture patch?
    Or give us the fields that need translation.
    We ‘ll give you the translated text after we translate it.
    Thank you very much.

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